What says Ayurved for sexual illness

 Ayurved, the science of life deals with every aspect of life and Vajikarana is one of its eight branches being practiced since time immemorial. Ayurveda has two aims i.e. protection and promotion of health and secondly cure from diseases. Vajikarana may be employed for fulfilling both of them i.e. promotion of sexual health and curing the sexual diseases. Sexuality and reproduction are so vital in Ayurveda that an entire discipline, known as Vajikarana, is dedicated to enhancing fertility and rejuvenating sexual and reproductive energy. Vajikarana deals with the preservation and amplification of sexual potency of a healthy man and conception of healthy progeny as well as management of defective semen, disturbed sexual potency and spermatogenesis along with treatment of seminal related disorders in man. Vajikarana promotes the sexual capacity and performance as well as improves the physical, psychological and social health of an individual. Factually the Vajikarana is not exactly aphrodisiac but the current connotational meaning is same. Vajikarana therapy may minimize occurrence of congenital disorders besides it may also boost the genetic constitution of baby. Sexual intercourse commonly plays a strong role in human bonding, usually being used solely for pleasure and often leading to stronger emotional bonds.


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